Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hinterland: Quiet Mountains, Bushwalks And Culture Of Australia

Just behind the coastal town of Byron Bay on the East Coast of Australia houses a lot of seriously unique and beautiful rainforests and mountains. From the Byron Bay itself, you can see the peak of Mount Warning or usually known by its original name Wollumbin. It’s the remains of an extinct volcano. With time and lots water, it has eroded a lot of the volcano’s parts which leaves great cliffs and ranges that surrounds the mountain. This combination of huge mountains, volcanic soils and forests attracts high levels of rainfall which makes this very place alive and fertile.

This is usually being referred to as the Green Cauldron and it has always been preserved and cared for by the people who lives there and by that you can already realize how these guys treasure the beauty of nature. It’s also a place where a lot of National Parks are found as well as state forests and tree-filled landscapes. Streams and rivers cover the landscape which makes it really beautiful regardless of where you’re looking from and what you’re doing.

Since the old times, a lot of people have been attracted to the area and until now it has been growing steadily when it comes to social diversity, creativity and progression of culture. For instance, the rural dairy town of Nimbin has become the host to the Aquarius festival in the early 70’s. This simple event actually started the migration of people to places that are close to nature. The culture here has grown into becoming more and more progressive and active as time goes by. It has already become a symbolic reflection of Mount Warning’s geography and the Caldera where it rests.

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